Atlanta Wholesale Day 11/28

Atlanta Wholesale Day 11/28

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Atlanta's Premier Wholesale Hair Event!

Brought to you by Private Label Wholesale and Private Label.

It's your opportunity to shop wholesale at the Atlanta showroom. We highly suggest purchasing a ticket which will give you a time slot for the event.

Your other option would be to show up to the event and wait longer to get in. If you have been to a previous event you will know that they are slammed because of the amazing products and wholesale pricing.

At the Atlanta events, only items on the wholesale price catalog handed out at the event will be available for the day. 

The pricing on this page is what you can expect at the wholesale day event but the final sheet will be handed out the day of the event.


Sunday, November 28th 
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Private Label
1260 Memorial DR SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30316

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There is free parking on the side streets right out front of Private Label as well as around the neighborhood. Please do not park in the areas marked in RED.

Atlanta Parking



Each ticketholder that attends Wholesale Day Atlanta will be able to submit their ticket for a wig raffle. 


You can see some of the example pricing in the product photos section of this page. The FINAL pricing and product sheet are usually not completed until right before the event as we try to add as many available products as possible. The FINAL pricing order sheet will be what is used for all orders on the day of the event.

How it Works:

1 - Upon arrival, you will be handed a clipboard and pen with an order sheet of available products for Wholesale Day.

2 - First, write your name at the designated spot on the top of the sheet.

3 - You will next number how many of each item you would like to purchase. When finished, hand the clipboard with the order sheet back to the front door manager. 

4 - The front door manager will hand your order sheet to our staff to start packing up your order. 

5 - Once your order is packed, you will be invited inside the showroom for a team member to inspect your order. You can touch, feel, and inspect each item. This is the place where you would add or subtract items, not at the register. 

6 - After you have inspected your order it will then be moved to a register for checkout. The key is to make any and all changes when meeting with the order inspection team member. Not at checkout. This ensures a smooth transaction process.

7 - You will then be checked out where you can pay by cash, credit card, and even Apple Pay. Please make sure to have your ID ready if making a payment with anything other than cash. Your ID must match your card. Sorry, no exceptions.

This month we are giving ticketholders a priority with their orders. Each order sheet will have your ticket time on it to give you a priority for faster checkout.



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